Valdimar Sigurðsson, Professor

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Business Administration 

Curriculum Vitae

Valdimar Sigurdsson, CV


2008: PhD in Marketing with speciality in Consumer Psychology, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, Wales, UK.
-Primary supervisor: Gordon Foxall, Distinguished Research Professor.
- External examiner: Stephen Lea, Head of School of Psychology, Exeter.
2005: M.Sc. in Business Administration (Marketing and International business). University of Iceland. (Marketing)/Aarhus School of Business (Marketing)/Aarhus University (Economics), Iceland and Denmark.
2003: B.A. in Psychology. (4 years degree in Psychology and Business Administration), University of Iceland, Iceland.


After PhD
2009-: Director of Research. School of Business. Reykjavik University.
2009-: Principal Research Fellow. School of Business. Reykjavik University.
2009: Research Fellow. School of Business. Reykjavik University.
2008-: Head of Marketing Group. School of Business. Reykjavik University.
2008- The Nova Chair of Sales and Marketing. School of Business. Reykjavik University.
2008: Assistant Professor, School of Business. Reykjavik University.
2007: Adjunct Professor, School of Business. Reykjavik University.

RU teaching record

2021-1V-722-MAR3Marketing Management
2020-3V-738-ADDMAdvanced and digital marketing
2020-3V-105-MAR1Marketing Management I
2020-3V-523-MACOConsumer Behavior and Marketing Communication
2020-3C-SÍM-PMDSProgramme for Management Development
2020-3V-552-STAFDigital Marketing
2020-2V-655-MDTTMarketing During Turbulent Times
2020-1V-741-BRANBranding and Strategic Marketing
2020-1V-746-REMEBusiness Research Methodology
2020-1V-649-STMPStrategic Marketing Planning
2020-1V-722-MAR3Marketing Management
2019-3V-738-ADDMAdvanced and digital marketing
2019-3V-105-MAR1Marketing Management I
2019-3V-105-MAR1Marketing Management I
2019-3V-523-MACOConsumer Behavior and Marketing Communication
2019-3C-SÍM-PMDSProgramme for Management Development
2019-3V-552-STAFDigital Marketing
2019-1V-741-BRANBranding and Strategic Marketing
2019-1E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2019-1V-649-STMPStrategic Marketing Planning
2019-1V-722-MAR3Marketing Management
2018-3C-SÍM-PMDSProgramme for Management Development
2018-3V-552-STAFDigital Marketing
2018-1V-741-BRANBranding and Strategic Marketing
2018-1V-649-STMPStrategic Marketing Planning
2018-1V-722-MAR3Marketing Management

Teaching outside RU

2009: Consumer Behaviour, Advanced Marketing. University College Harstad, Norway.
2008: Consumer Behaviour, Advanced Marketing. University College Harstad, Norway.
2005: Marketing research 1 (B.Sc.) University of Iceland; Marketing research 2 (B.Sc.) University of Iceland; Research in marketing (M.Sc.). University of Iceland.
Supervision and Examination
2008: External Examiner, M.Sc. thesis in Marketing, University of Iceland. Pointed External Examiner from 2008 – 2011, University of Iceland – Department of Business.
2007: Primary Supervision, M.Sc. thesis in Marketing, University of Iceland


In-store Experiments; especially repeated measures designs and other behavioural research tactics.
The effects of price, placements, and in-store advertisements on relative sales and brand substitutability (matching).
Behaviour analytical and behavioural economic analyses in consumer psychology and marketing.
The use of behaviour analysis in consumer research and marketing in general.

Honours and grants

2009-2011: Post-Doctoral Grant. Rannís – The Icelandic Centre for Research.
2008: Proposal Grant (with Marel, Matís, UI-Unit for Nutrition Research, Landspitali University Hospital, and Innovation Centre Iceland). Centres of Excellence and Research Clusters – Research Program. The Science and Technology Policy Council (STPS).
2006-2007: The Icelandic Research Fund for Graduate Students. Rannís – The Icelandic Centre for Research.
2006: Cardiff Business School

Subject field

Consumer behaviour analysis; Consumer psychology 
Experimental marketing, in-store experiments
Consumer behaviour & market research
Marketing mix & and the substitutability of brands
Behavioural economics & economic psychology

Business relations

2007: Cooperation with Hugi Sævarsson (Birtingahúsið).
2005-2006: Cooperation with Hugi Sævarsson the marketing manager of Icelandic-American, and Hagar (Extensive experimentation on situational effects on consumers’ brand buying).


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