Department of Engineering
Dean:Dr. Ármann Gylfason
MSc in Sustainable Energy Science - Iceland School of Energy
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Mandatory course on majorTeaching language
Optional course on majorPrerequisites for course
Haustönn/Fall 2023
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More infoEnergy GeologyElectiveSE-803-GE1ECTS 3
More infoEnergy EconomicsCoreSE-805-EC1ECTS 6
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More infoHigh Voltage EngineeringElectiveT-866-HIVOECTS 8
More infoSmart-Grid and Sustainable Power SystemsElectiveT-867-GRIDECTS 8
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Vorönn/Spring 2024
More infoEnergy Study TripElectiveISE-04ECTS 3
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More infoPower Plant DesignElectiveSE-815-PPEECTS 6
More infoGeothermal Reservoir EngineeringElectiveSE-828-GR2ECTS 5
More infoGeothermal Science IElectiveSE-829-GS1ECTS 5
More infoGeothermal Science IIElectiveSE-829-GS2ECTS 5
More infoGeothermal Drilling and Well DesignElectiveSE-830-DR2ECTS 6
More infoGeothermal Reservoir ModellingElectiveSE-831-GM2ECTS 6
More infoEnergy Financial AssessmentElectiveSE-833-FA2ECTS 6
More infoEconomics of Energy MarketsElectiveSE-834-EM2ECTS 6
More infoHydro Power ManagementElectiveSE-834-HPMECTS 6
More infoProject Management and Strategic PlanningElectiveT-803-VERKECTS 8
More infoCreating a Complete Business Plan for a Technical Idea - Entrepreneurship and the Innovation ProcessElectiveT-814-INNOECTS 8
More infoFinite Element Analysis in EngineeringElectiveT-844-FEMMECTS 8
More infoWind PowerElectiveT-863-WINDECTS 8
More infoPower System OperationElectiveT-867-POSYECTS 8
More infoStability and Control in Electric Power SystemsElectiveT-867-STABECTS 8
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SemesterSpring 2024
Level of course6. Second cycle, advanced
Type of courseElective
PrerequisitesT-866-MODE, Stability and Control Models in Power Systems
ScheduleTaught for 12 weeks.
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To obtain knowledge about conditions in electric power systems that can lead to stability problems,  to understand which physical mechanisms are the cause of power system instability,  and to give the student insight in the theoretical background for analysis methods used for assessment of system stability. Hands-on experience will be obtained by carrying out numerical simulations and analysis in Matlab/Python, where students analyse different stability problems implementing and applying  appropriate models and methods for analysis. 
Learning outcome - Objectives
A student who has met the objectives of the course will be able to:  
• Explain the principal causes of power system stability problems (frequency, transient rotor angle, smallsignal rotor angle and voltage stability problems);  
• Reflect on how the power system stability problems are affected by grid related limitation for the transfer of active power and the machine related limitation for the injection of active and reactive power;   
• Apply the mathematical model of the synchronous machine to analyze it under stationary and transient conditions;
• Explain the key concepts for primary frequency control in power systems and reflect on how inertina, loads´ frequency dependency and regulation constant influence the system´s frequency response ; 
• Analyze rotor angle small-signal stability problems by applying small-signal analysis;  
• Analyze transient stability problems and describe means to protect the system against transient stability problem
Course assessment
The students will work on four hand-in assignments throughout the semester. The hand-in reports form the basis for the evaluation of their performance during the semester.
Reading material
No reading material found.
Teaching and learning activities
 Lectures and practical sessions. 
Language of instructionEnglish
More infoMSc ThesisCoreT-900-MEISECTS 30
More infoMSc thesis IICoreT-901-MEI2ECTS 30
Sumar/Summer 2024
More infoEnergy Field SchoolCoreSE-801-ES1ECTS 6